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Julie originates from the UK, moving to NZ in the early 1970’s. After the birth of very premature twins, she became interested in natural health medicine to help keep her children well.

Julie graduated from South Pacific College of Natural Medicine (SPCNM) in 2002 with a Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine. She also has a background in Medical Laboratory Analysis (biochemistry) and became interested in using EAV testing as a means to evaluate her clients well-being.

Initially, the hair samples were sent to the UK, so in 2006 Julie started her own EAV testing clinic for her clients. Subsequently she did this for other Natural Health Practitioners, which she continues to do today as Hamilton Hair Analysis which is based in Waikato.


Nicky is also from the UK and started her health journey when she qualified as a register nurse over 30 years ago. After the birth of her first child her interest in natural health was sparked and she was helped by a naturopath to overcome many years of suffering with eczema.

She moved to NZ in 2012 and was able to study as a naturopath at SPCNM and gain a Bachelor of Natural Medicine. It was here that she learned about Julie’s hair testing and has used it on herself, her family and many clients with very positive results ever since.

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